Old Fashioned

What People Are Saying About Old Fashioned

“It’s incredibly rare to see an American movie with a Christian perspective that’s more invested in philosophizing and empathizing than in eschatological pandering, and for that alone OLD FASHIONED deserves commendation. The movie’s also very well acted and beautifully shot.”
Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.com

"I was struck by how one man with a checkered past let his faith reshape his actions and desires, even in ways seldom seen today. For me, OLD FASHIONED wasn't as much saying 'do likewise' as it was saying, 'No matter how you personally live it out, let your faith overflow into a life of personal purity.' No doubt this movie will give filmgoers plenty to discuss afterwards."
Bob Waliszewski, Director of Plugged In

OLD FASHIONED is a breath of fresh air. It's a refreshing look at love the way it should be.
I loved it.”
Wendy Griffith, 700 Club co-host

OLD FASHIONED is a fresh look at the real meaning of desire, romance, and love. We hope it becomes a new fashion to be a bit more old fashioned in the way we all handle relationships! Make an OLD FASHIONED movie date and share popcorn and a little true love.”
Pam and Bill Farrel, authors of 40 books on relationships; Directors of Love-Wise

OLD FASHIONED is more than a wonderful, old-fashioned love story. It’s also a romantic movie that will inspire and encourage people to trust God with their relationships. Pure Flix is proud to be partnering with OLD FASHIONED as we provide faith-based entertainment that impacts our culture.”
David A.R. White, Managing Partner, Producer, and Actor, Pure Flix

“In a day when our culture is sending a loud message that refutes biblical teaching on courtship, dating, and marriage, we desperately need a film that clearly and beautifully articulates the difference that a strong faith and belief system can make in a love relationship. OLD FASHIONED is that film. We need more films like this that create cultural conversations and challenge young adults to follow biblical values—go see it!!”
Mike Nuss, State Missionary, Office of Collegiate & Student Ministries, Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions

OLD FASHIONED is an interesting story that makes you think about what is important in a relationship.”
Noah and Becky Hamilton, BethanyHamilton.com

“There are some things that are completely timeless—honor, respect, love, and forgiveness are a few of the timeless components that OLD FASHIONED displays brilliantly. This timeless film will remind young adults that God’s grace never runs out! A great movie that’s a must see and will stimulate powerful conversation.”
Mark Whitt, Collegiate/Young Adult Specialist and National Collegiate Ministry Leader, LifeWay Christian Resources

OLD FASHIONED has original, quirky characters and a valuable message about the importance of a broad, balanced faith that makes room for mercy and self-forgiveness.”
John Kennedy, “Faith, Media and Culture” Beliefnet blogger

OLD FASHIONED is a captivating love story where the impossible is made possible through true love and virtue. I loved it!”
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, EWTN TV host, Author of The Kiss of Jesus

“After seeing OLD FASHIONED, I would say yes! I hope many will want to see how love can grow through respect and honor in a relationship, a refreshing alternative to what has become standard movie fare!”
Debbie Smith, wife of Michael W. Smith

"In a world where 'sex sells,' OLD FASHIONED is a refreshing foray into the battle of the sexes from a wholesome and healthy point of view. An excellent date movie with a heartfelt message. A rarity in this day and age!"
Guy Noland, Executive Director, SAVN.TV

“Like God’s Not Dead, OLD FASHIONED packs the potential and power to send shockwaves through the culture.”
DeWayne Hamby, Charisma Magazine

"An amazing film for anyone who is looking to truly love in a way that never goes out of style!”
Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of CatholicMom.com and author of The Grace of Yes

"I applaud the creators of the film OLD FASHIONED for highlighting the beauty of old fashioned values, chivalry and honor. While the world peddles the latest erotic products, men and women are truly longing for intimacy. Sometimes we need to take a few steps into the past to accurately see what we dream for in the future."
Juli Slattery, President & Co-Founder Authentic Intimacy and author of Pulling Back the Shades

OLD FASHIONED is a tender movie about true love and respecting the dignity of women vs. Fifty Shades of Grey and its blatant push to normalize sadomasochist sexual exploitation of women. The choice for Catholics and other concerned Christians on where to spend our hard-earned money at the box office should be obvious."
Teresa Tomeo, Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, Syndicated Catholic Talk Show Host

OLD FASHIONED is the kind of love story Hollywood has been lacking for decades. The film puts dating in its place and shows that old-fashioned courtship is the best way to discern a vocation to marriage. Bravo! And two thumbs way up!”
Patrick Novecosky, Editor-in-Chief, Legatus magazine

OLD FASHIONED is the movie I’ve been waiting to see for years. It’s hard to describe how good this movie is because I’ve never seen a movie like it. It’s touching, funny, well-acted and shows a side of dating that is rarely if ever highlighted in movies these days: namely, that some things are worth waiting for, and that men can have self-control and that women today can and should be respected for who they are. Guys, take your girlfriends or wives to see this movie. I promise you won’t be disappointed and she will thank you for it.”
Dave Palmer, general manager of Guadalupe Radio (Dallas)

“In so many different ways, Jesus came to say, ‘There's a better way to live, and it’s never too late to start.’ I think OLD FASHIONED does much the same, and I was blessed to watch it.”
Scott VanArendonk, Pastor of Spiritual Transformation, Fair Haven Ministries

“You’re going to like this movie for two reasons: 1) it exposes the core issues of our broken sexuality and 2) it’s extremely well done. Dozens of LOL moments erupted from the crowd followed by sobering moments that captured the essence of our mistakes and regrets.”
Don Pearson, Parents of Adolescents and Empty-Nesters Pastor, Blythefield Hills Baptist Church

OLD FASHIONED is a refreshing love story with a new plot twist. We see how both parties struggle to find the true meaning of love in a quaint, yet real way. In this film not only does chivalry make a comeback, but so does an authentic look at love.”
Lisa Cotter, blogger at FOCUS.org (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and national speaker on dating and marriage

“My teenaged daughter was on the edge of her seat by the end of this film, wondering if everything was going to turn out okay. OLD FASHIONED modeled exactly the type of romantic courtship that I hope all six of my children find one day. What a terrific antidote to the poison of modern-day cynicism!”
Karee Santos, blogger for Catholic Match Institute and founder of Can We Cana?

OLD FASHIONED is a love story that highlights love as it should be and as it can be. It’s equal parts charming, maddening, and hilarious. You’ll laugh and maybe you’ll cry, but I’m certain you’ll feel that old familiar frustration that comes from a good conflict in a well-done movie.
Sarah Reinhard, Author and Blogger, SnoringScholar.com

“Despite our culture's incessant mockery of marriage, there remains deep within the human heart a desire for a love that is permanent, exclusive, and faithful. There’s another word for this—marriage. Fifty Shades of Grey will not—cannot—satisfy the human heart … only love can. And this love is represented beautifully in OLD FASHIONED.”
Matt Fradd, Catholic author and speaker, MattFradd.com

"Thoughtful, sensitive, beautiful—you've reintroduced 'old-fashioned' values to contemporary audiences."
SQuire Rushnell, When God Winks

OLD FASHIONED is a story about the past. But not in the sense of being ‘out of date.’ Some people run away from their past. Others are stuck there. This movie reveals how love can both free you from your past and give you a new future.”
Father Mike Schmitz, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for Diocese of Duluth, Chaplain, Newman Catholic Campus Ministry, University of Minnesota-Duluth.

“As I watched OLD FASHIONED, I felt like I knew the characters personally. Clay and Amber embody aspects of so many different people and stories I have heard over the years. Sometimes movies can be quick to jump to the ‘what could be’ that they rarely take a look at how our mistakes and wounds of the past affect us moving forward. OLD FASHIONED is a love story set in reality, and it shows us the sacrifice, joy, and beauty of true love.”
Sarah Swafford, speaker and author of Emotional Virtue

"When the old and new collide, OLD FASHIONED creates a refreshing perspective. … a compelling argument for the Biblical principle of honor in relationships."
Melinda Ledman, Christian Cinema

OLD FASHIONED features a compelling story with characters the audience will care about and identify with. It is sweet but not sappy, purposeful but not too preachy, lifting up the ideals of self-sacrificial love and hope in a broken world. I wish that every young person I know could see it before entering their dating years. I know my children will.”
DeWayne Hamby, Charisma Magazine

"OLD FASHIONED is not only a wonderful film, it is also an absolutely essential one—especially during this day and age when intimacy seems to be on the endangered species list."
Joseph Airdo, Breakthrough Entertainment

“It's not often that the world's media attention can position God’s people for great witness, but the buzz around Fifty Shades of ‎Grey does just that. In contrast to that perverse darkness, OLD FASHIONED ‎shines light on God's alternative providing a great choice to avoid the broad road of destruction as young adults and couples choose the narrow road of life and abundance.”
Dr. David Ferguson, Co-Chair Awakening America Alliance

"OLD FASHIONED is a great movie that is true to its title. There are so many good messages in the movie that need to be known. I enjoyed watching how a man went from one extreme lifestyle to another, yet through his new rules, he was able to show true love to a girl and in return that girl was able to show him that he deserved to be loved.”
Clara Gonzalez, Archdiocese of New York Young Adult Outreach Coordinator for Special Projects & Apostolic Works

"OLD FASHIONED is a delight to behold … a must-see movie that is as welcome as a cool breeze on a sultry day."
Craig Johnson aka Brother Craig "The REALLY, Real, Deal" Show Host, News Analyst, Commentator & Columnist, WLEE News Talk 990AM

“I can’t help being swept-off my feet by the film’s undeniable charm. … Overall I’m impressed by (Rik) Swartzwelder‘s feature film debut, it’s an enchanting romance drama I’d readily watch again.”
Ruth Maramis, Flixchatter.net

“Everything old is new again. OLD FASHIONED is innovative as it plainly speaks to the core of what a healthy relationship can and should be. It's an engaging story that touches your heart and makes you think. There are no shades of grey about it. OLD FASHIONED is an excellent experience that shows how to have a real relationship with a strong foundation.”
Wade Jackson. Executive Director, Family Dynamics Institute

“Finally, a movie that reinforces the messages I’ve been teaching my teenage daughter and ministry audience: Lust lasts a moment, but true love lasts a lifetime!”
Erin Bishop, Founder and President, The Whatever Girls Ministry

OLD FASHIONED rings with the kind of ‘true love’ we all desire for our lives. Love is not easy, without failures, or simple. The characters in this film show us that even in the midst of brokenness, we can commit ourselves to a path of mutual dignity, respect and true cherishing in our relationships that can draw us ever closer to one another, and ultimately to God. An amazing film for anyone who is looking to truly love in a way that never goes out of style!”
Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of CatholicMom.com and author of The Grace of Yes

OLD FASHIONED takes the viewer on an intriguing journey upon the fine line between prudishness and the "anything goes" mentalities. What I give in talks on the truth of love, OLD FASHIONED does through storytelling, which is creative and professional. Well done!
Monica Ashour, Author, Speaker, Executive Director Theology of the Body Evangelization Team (TOBET)

“Although it gets off to a too-quaint, down-home, idyllic Hallmark start, OLD FASHIONED serves up some serious steak and gravy. What happens when two wounded thirtysomethings—who have more in common than they can ever imagine—fall in love the old-fashioned way? How do you get past the jadedness, the irony, the bad memories, cynicism and deep distrust that today's ‘dating’ scene offers? What do you do with the pain that callous hooking up inflicts? Way too many quotable quotes, good advice and useful answers to mention. Is OLD FASHIONED love: Corny? Sometimes. Genuine? Always. Possible? Absolutely.”
Sr. Helena Burns, FSP Daughters of St. Paul/Pauline Books & Media, Hellburns.blogspot.com

"This is an old-fashioned movie for romantics! … The film features a good story with old-fashioned morals, something today's world could use more of."
Dove Foundation "Faith-Friendly Seal" Review